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Vertikale Sidings bestehen aus breiten Brettern, die sich nicht überschneiden, und den schmalen Streifen oder Latten, die über die Zwischenräume zwischen den Brettern genagelt sind. Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts Tastemaker A. J. Downing empfohlen Brett und Latte als eine amerikanische Variante für Volkshütten im Chalet- und Carpenter-Gothic-Stil. In den Innenräumen war die Bretter- und Lattenverkleidung eine einfache Alternative zu den viktorianischen Wandverkleidungen.



FAQ - 💬

❓ What is a board and batten?

👉 So, what is “board and batten?” It's a type of siding where thin strips of wood molding—or “battens”—are placed over the seams of panel boards. The result is an aesthetic that is both rustic and chic, with the strong vertical lines providing shadows and textures to the home exterior.

❓ What kind of wood is used for board and batten?

👉 Any type of wood used outdoors should ideally be resistant to moisture, rot, and insect damage. Cedar is a common choice for exterior board and batten siding, but other acceptable wood species include cypress, redwood, and fir, in addition to engineered materials like composite siding and fiber cement.

❓ Is board and batten out of style?

👉 Today, board and batten has been largely removed from it's practical origins. Exterior board and batten still exists, but the most popular use of this design is interior. Entire walls or ceilings can be covered in board and batten, or it can be used as wainscoting.

❓ Why is board and batten so popular?

👉 It's long-lasting – Board and batten siding is durable and long-lasting, provided that it is installed and maintained correctly. If properly installed and taken care of, board and batten can last several years or even decades. Board and bat will last a long time if you don't want to replace it very often.

❓ Is board and batten expensive?

👉 Board and batten can range anywhere between $5 and $12 per square foot while horizontal vinyl siding usually costs between $2 and $6 per square foot. Remember that price can differ depending on several factors, so it's best to check with your local roofer to get a better idea of what it would cost for you.

❓ What style of house has board and batten?

👉 Board and Batten Architectural Styles Common home designs that use this siding include both farmhouse and country-style homes, as the lines and look of the siding are similar to the appearance of barn siding.

❓ Do you paint wall before board and batten?

👉 3 – Paint your wall 1st I've done my fair share of accent walls, and unless you plan to mask off your room and spray the entire wall, it is best to paint the wall first, then install your batten trim! It will save you a lot of time cutting in around each board. Promise, paint the wall first.

❓ How long does board and batten last?

👉 about 25 yearsThe material you choose will have an effect on the lifespan of your board and batten siding, but on average, you can expect this style to last about 25 years, especially if you choose vinyl, which is the most popular type. It may last longer than that if you choose a more durable material like fiber cement.

❓ Does board and batten increase home value?

👉 Board and batten siding not only adds a unique appearance to your home but also helps increase its value.

❓ Does board and batten make room look smaller?

👉 Does board and batten make a room look smaller? In some circumstances, it is possible to use a board and batten that sits as high as two-thirds of the ceiling height. This usually makes the room appear smaller. That's because the pattern of the board and batten will make the ceiling appear lower than it actually is.

❓ Does board and batten increase value?

👉 Board and batten siding not only adds a unique appearance to your home but also helps increase its value. It's one of the ways to add charm and character to your home while giving it a custom, “high-end” look.

👉 The boards are usually (but not always) one foot wide. The boards may be placed horizontally or vertically. The battens are usually (but not always) about 1/2-inch wide. What Is Board and Batten?

👉 Board and batten, or board-and-batten siding, describes a type of exterior siding or interior paneling that has alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called battens. The boards are usually (but not always) 1 foot wide. The boards may be placed horizontally or vertically.

👉 Pricing can vary considerably because board and batten are not treated as a bulk building material but as a finishing kit approach instead. Both the style and type of board and batten can cause significant price differences when calculated for a full project. Remember, board and batten is a very unique style of siding.

👉 You may not recognize the name, but board and batten is a classic type of wainscoting. It blends different sizes of plywood boards and molding to create a chic, textured look. True board-and-batten is made with vertically installed wide boards and narrow battens fastened over the gaps between the boards.

Autor Des Artikels: Alexander Schulz. Unabhängiger Konstrukteur und technischer Experte. Arbeitserfahrung in der Baubranche seit 1980. Fachkompetenz in den Richtungen: Bau, Architektur, Design, Hausbau.

Video-Anleitung: DIY Board and Batten Wall.

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