Anthemis Tinctoria - Goldener Margerite, Kamille

Anthemis Tinctoria - Goldener Margerite, Kamille

Anthemis tinctoria - Goldener Margerite, Kamille

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Anthemis produziert gelbe, gänseblümchenähnliche Blüten, die beim Schneiden lange haltbar sind. Die Pflanze wird 2 bis 3 Fuß hoch und hat aromatische Blätter. Die Pflanze selbst sät produktiv, so dass sie zu einem Unkraut werden kann, wenn sie nicht kontrolliert wird. Blütezeit ist Juli bis September. Space Pflanzen 12 Zoll auseinander und bieten volle Sonne. Pflanze in jedem gut durchlässigen Boden, Anthemis ist in Lehm kurzlebig.

Vermehrung durch Samen, Teilung oder Stecklinge. Stecklinge werden im Frühjahr aus Nadelholz entnommen. Im Frühjahr kann das Klumpen in kleine Büschel von bewurzelten Wucherungen geteilt werden. Samen wird im Frühling gepflanzt und keimt in ein bis drei Wochen bei 68 Grad.

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Anthemis Tinctoria - Goldener Margerite, Kamille

FAQ - 💬

❓ Is golden marguerite a perennial?

👉 The golden marguerite is a perennial that does best in full sun.

❓ What is the common name of Anthemis tinctoria?

👉 golden chamomileAnthemis tinctoria, commonly called golden chamomile or golden marguerite, is an erect, clump-forming, shrubby perennial growing to 3' tall which features profuse 1.5" diameter, yellow, daisy-like flowers and finely divided, fern-like, aromatic, green leaves which are whitish and woolly beneath.

❓ How do you plant Anthemis tinctoria?

👉 Anthemis tinctoria thrives in full sun in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils. Good drainage is essential to survival. Poor soils, hot, dry and lean situations are tolerated. The more fertile and the more it is watered, the more this plant will sprawl.

❓ Can chamomile flowers be yellow?

👉 Yellow chamomile is often known colloquially as yellow daisy. Corn marigold or corn daisy, (Chrysanthemum segetum), which is a native of the Mediterranean area, grows casually in Finland and is sometimes known as yellow chamomile.

❓ Is Golden Marguerite invasive?

👉 Golden marguerite is not native to North America. It may reseed around the garden but is not considered invasive nor a threat to local ecosystems.

❓ Should you deadhead anthemis?

👉 How to care for Anthemis. Deadhead flowers regularly to encourage more flowering. Prune lightly in spring to maintain a neat and tidy shape. During winter, Anthemis will require additional protection to apply a generous layer of much.

❓ What is golden chamomile used for?

👉 Chamomile has been used for centuries as a mild sedative, to calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. Chamomile has also been used to calm upset stomachs and ease digestion. Bromley Tea is proud to offer you this exclusive blend of golden chamomile flowers.

❓ Is Golden chamomile edible?

👉 It is used internally as a tea, which can be made either from the flowers or the whole plant[4].

❓ Is anthemis a perennial?

👉 Anthemis can be perennials or annuals, with finely divided, fern-like, aromatic leaves, especially when bruised, and long-lasting, showy white or yellow daisies. Fine garden plants, they flower so profusely for so long that they are only short-lived as hardy plants.

❓ Are chamomile flowers invasive?

👉 This plant can aggressively take over pastures, grasslands, and other agricultural areas. If colonies form near aquatic areas, the plants can easily crowd out other plants entirely.

❓ Is chamomile an invasive plant?

👉 Invasiveness in the United States Globe chamomile is considered invasive in the United States in California and Arizona. First seen in Los Angeles and San Diego in the early 1980s, it heavily infests the counties between those cities.

❓ Is Anthemis tinctoria a perennial?

👉 Previous Next. Eye-catching, Anthemis tinctoria is a vigorous perennial that will light up your garden throughout summer and sometimes into fall with its abundant blooms of shining golden yellow flowers atop a fragrant lacy foliage.

❓ What is a golden marguerite?

👉 The golden marguerite is a plant by many names. Sometimes referred to by its botanical name, Anthemis tinctorial, its common name is cota tinctoria. But this daisy-like perennial is also known as the golden marguerite—with marguerite being the French term for daisy.

❓ What is the difference between Cota tinctoria and golden marguerite?

👉 Cota tinctoria ‘Kelwayi’: This cultivar of golden marguerite looks very similar in appearance, but does offer slightly larger blooms—typically measuring 2 inches in diameter compared to the approximately 1-inch flower head of the conventional golden marguerite.

❓ Is Anthemis tinctoria deer resistant?

👉 Drought tolerant and deer resistant, but attractive to butterflies! Very hardy and easy to grow, Anthemis tinctoria is a good choice for areas of the garden that are dry or of low fertility. Mixes beautifully with ornamental grasses or any other perennial plants and looks stunning planted in informal drifts.

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Video-Anleitung: Golden Marguerite (Cota Tinctoria) / Yellow Chamomile - 2012-06-11.

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